More than the outbreak of high-speed rail competition between the city "anti-enemies"

Jingzhou and Jingmen are not the first pair for high-speed rail
Editor press / train a ring, gold million two. With the spread of high-speed rail in China, high-speed rail welfare has been more recognized. For the people, high-speed rail means convenient traffic; for developers, high-speed rail is equal to higher prices; for local governments, high-speed rail represents the performance ... ... So, more and more on the iron and steel infighting drama began staged. Increasingly strong local voices inevitably affect the direction of some high-speed rail lines and site settings, but this is mostly at the expense of economic and scientific at the expense of. How to protect the high-speed rail line compliance principle, so that more people enjoy the high-speed rail benefits, which is the future of high-speed rail and urban construction have to be in the future, to ensure that the high-speed rail planning is not to be "social activists" Consider the question. At the same time, relying on the "high-speed rail city" of the real estate industry has been weak, the traffic advantage to attract people gathered, and then driven by land prices rose simple profit model has been difficult, the new situation, how to develop in line with local conditions, "high-speed rail economy" Enthusiure must face the fact. The same time with the hope that the high-speed rail settled in their own desires, which the brothers and the city secretly broke out between the civil "high-speed rail competition", the two cities in the hinterland of Hubei Province, war". September 25, 2014, the State Council issued the "on relying on the golden waterway to promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Development Guiding" proposed that the construction of Shanghai by Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Chongqing to Chengdu along the high-speed rail (also known as Shanghai and Hainan Rong second line) The It is understood that the initial design of high-speed rail along the Yangtze River at a maximum speed of 350km / h, will be the Yangtze River economic zone on the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, Wuhan city circle and the Yangtze River Delta city group into one, in order to reduce the existing Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail operation pressure and make up Lack of speed and construction. At present, along the river high-speed rail is in the feasibility study stage, starting from the Tianmen section, and ultimately from the Yangtze River along the Jingzhou to Yichang, or from the Yangtze River tributary of the Han River Jingmen passed to Yichang, sparked controversy between the two places. Folk "Paul Road movement" March 28 this year, 29, Jingzhou Yangtze River Chamber of Commerce held the first in the urban areas organized the "350 km on the Shanghai-Shanghai high-speed rail settled in Jingzhou initiative", attracted tens of thousands of people involved and signed The Chamber of Commerce issued to the public's proposal that: "There is no high-speed rail, the town is scattered pearls; through the high-speed rail, the town is the pearl on the necklace. How many prosperous city, because the traffic decay and disappear. Traffic convenience and to the new glory! "And called," the city's people action, so that high-speed rail through our homes. The parties work together, not up to the goal, never give up! "This proposal is released, less than two Day time, in the WeChat friends circle of reading on the broken million. Chen Wanhai, chairman of the Yangtze River Chamber of Commerce, told the "China Business" reporter, the Chamber of Commerce by the Jingzhou local private entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, Jing Jing business investors and the development of Jingzhou entrepreneur voluntary composition of non-profit organizations. This time a lot of Jingzhou Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurs from their own pocket launched an initiative, hope that the relevant government departments to hear the voice of Jingzhou people. Adjacent to the Jingmen City is also not far behind, April 12 morning, Jingmen Chang Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. "happy Jingmen" mobile life platform advocated the "happiness Jingmen people, so that high-speed rail Jingmen" activities in Jingmen bustling section of the Oriental Department Store , Nearly ten thousand people involved. Activities of the proposal "Jingmen City, Hubei Province became the only unreasonable high-speed rail, motor vehicle prefecture-level city, the development has been greatly constrained! There is no high-speed rail every Jingmen people difficult to name the pain." At the same time, Jingmen Chang Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. also produced a special entitled "Jingmen dream, high-speed rail dream" of the promo, just a few days, the number of promotional video has reached more than 30,000 people. In the process of filming the propaganda film, the sponsor of the initiative, Jingmen City Chang Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. Xiong Bing has led his team to Jingzhou Railway Station Square Jingmen travel to Jingzhou take high-speed rail scene. "At that time, the scene Jingzhou people noticed us, and shouted 'Jingmen with us to fight high-speed rail people come', want to drive us away." Compared with the lively folk, the government level of the attitude along the river is relatively low-key The Jingzhou Municipal Committee Propaganda Department in an interview with reporters, said: "We are now with the higher authorities to do some preparatory work to provide some relevant research data, along the Yangtze River in the end how we go to the provincial government arrangements." Jingmen side is more cautious , According to Jingmen City Development and Reform Commission told reporters that the city before the announcement, not allowed to discuss the matter or accept the media interview. According to the reporter to understand, in fact, Jingzhou, Jingmen two governments are also actively seeking along the Yangtze River in the local high-speed rail station, but since the massive high-speed rail competition has produced many negative effects, the Hubei provincial government explicitly asked the two " Press down ". For Jingzhou, Jingmen two civil activities, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission Railway Construction Office, a man named Ma said that in the construction of high-speed rail along the Yangtze River has no shadow, Jingzhou and Jingmen practice is naive and irresponsible. Railway to bring the reversal of Jingzhou and Jingmen two high-speed rail projects along the river are so tense, an important reason is that both have been lagging behind because of the railway construction and suffer losses. Reporters learned that, before 1983, Jingmen belong to the subordinate city of Jingzhou, but in 1970 Jingmen first opened the train, traffic has overwhelmed the advantages of the capital, the economy gradually developed, and in 1983 to become the municipality of Hubei Province, later Jingmen City, under the subordinate counties have been built and opened four railway stations, and in 2012, Jingzhou City, there is no train station, Jingzhou people want to take the train must take the car to Jingmen. No train to Jingzhou missed many development opportunities, the traffic gap has become Jingmen later industrial development over Jingzhou the main reason. July 1, 2012, Shanghai Han Rong high iron important component - Han Yi high-speed railway was officially opened, only the end of Jingzhou City, no history of the railway. Shanghai Han Rong high-speed rail station in Jingzhou Jingzhou Jingmen and the traffic status of the emergence of a reversal. As Jingmen City in its activities, said the proposal, at present, Jingmen is under the jurisdiction of Hubei 13 prefecture-level city in the only one without high-speed rail and motor car city, which is Jingmen compete for the highest argument along the Yangtze River. "But 42 years later, we around the Xiangfan, Yichang, Qianjiang, Jingzhou and so have opened a high-speed rail or motor car, only Jingmen in this traffic network was marginalized.There are many people around the area to Jingmen train, Jingmen station was very busy and crowded, but now Jingmen people went to Jingzhou to take high-speed rail, local train station traffic less and less, the railway operations department felt this change, simply give Jingmen to reduce some trips. The more the decline, the formation of a vicious circle. "Xiong Bing exclaimed. Jingmen people in a lot of view, Jingzhou already have Shanghai and Tianjin Rong high-speed rail, should not compete with Jingmen is known as the Shanghai-Huarong second-line along the high-speed rail. But Chen Wanhai said that many Jingmen people and even some Jingzhou people think that Jingzhou already have high-speed rail, but in fact, Shanghai-Rong high-speed rail only in Shanghai to Nanjing section of 350 km / h, in Jingzhou section of the speed of only 200 km, only Can be regarded as motor car, Jingzhou has no strict sense of the high-speed rail. "Jingzhou's population is about 6.4 million, is Jingmen twice, and Jingzhou is really in the Yangtze River on the edge of the city, Jingmen Pro is the tributary of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River, so along the Yangtze River in Jingzhou is more appropriate." Xiong Bing said , Although Jingzhou population has advantages, but Jingmen per capita GDP and industrial development level higher than Jingzhou, the most important thing is, Jingzhou belongs to the plain area, low terrain, soft geology, floods in 1998, Jingzhou is flood diversion, from the national trunk Railway safety point of view, high-speed rail repair in Jingmen better. In this regard, Chen Wanhai said that the flood discharge area of ​​the argument is not established, the Three Gorges Dam repair, if there is a big flood, it is not just Jingzhou dangerous, all six provinces will become a vast ocean. Chen Wanhai said that with the high-speed rail along the Yangtze River into the demonstration and exploration stage, the Yangtze River Chamber of Commerce will continue to sound, continue to organize activities. "Although the direction of the high-speed rail line to determine the final by the state, but the state will certainly consider the voice of the people, we must strive for, can no longer miss Jingzhou, can no longer leave regret for future generations." Local high-speed rail political economy facts On, Jingzhou and Jingmen is not the first pair of high-speed rail "anti-purpose" of the "neighbors." The opening of high-speed rail, not only means that people travel mode of change, but also by some areas along the development of fate as a change. It is precisely because of this, around the high-speed rail line, set up and start the "road movement" when there have been. In 2009, Zheng million high iron planning has just been put forward, the first game is in Hubei Shiyan and Xiangfan (now Xiangyang) between the start. According to media reports, in the year the "two sessions", when Shiyan municipal party committee secretary Chen Tian will be the National People's Congress identity, for the then also called Zheng Yu railway Zheng million high iron proposed special recommendations. Xiangyang not far behind, followed by a published in the local media reported that when the party secretary Tang Liangzhi in Beijing to participate in the National People's Congress meeting the gap, led the City Economic Commission, Development and Reform Commission and other departments and the county (city) Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Railways and some central enterprises ... ... visited the Ministry of Railways Development Planning Division leadership, Tang Liangzhi request Zheng Yu railway planning to adjust, will Xiangyang into the road through the site construction. The struggle between the two places continued until October 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission finally approved, Xiangyang win. Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail planning to develop, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, strive to set up in the urban areas, but in the adjacent and Loudi City in the competition at a disadvantage, so there has been a strange phenomenon: one hundred thousand Shaoyang people shouting " To the high iron, secretary, mayor get out of class ", for which many government officials" desperate ". Finally, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail at the same time in Loudi and Shaoyang station, but after Shaoyang station is 70 km from the city center Shaoyang North Station. Another game on Zheng Wangao iron in Henan province Dengzhou and new wild between the two neighbors. According to media reports, in September last year, the two sides have voices, high-profile set off to "defend high-speed rail" campaign. In this Paul Road movement, the new wild is based on the "straight to the principle", in the new field station, line straight, can save construction costs of 1.3 billion, saving two and a half minutes. But Dengzhou stressed that "talk about politics." In 2012, the State Council approved the "Danjiangkou reservoir area and the upper reaches of the economic and social development plan", Dengzhou is clearly for the Danjiangkou reservoir and the upper reaches of the "regional central city." Planning to provide support in infrastructure and other aspects, which referred to railway construction. In the midst of the fierce debate between the two places, in mid-October last year, Henan Province launched in Dengzhou Xinye middle between Dengzhou East Station program, the station from Dengzhou city 16 kilometers, from the new wild city only 14 kilometers, taking into account Dengzhou new wild two To the ground. But this compromise in the expert does not seem to meet the economy. "In fact, not all regions are suitable for building high-speed railway stations, some of the population is low, the economy is weak areas of high-speed rail projects for several decades also not back the cost, more harm than good, but the local government will compete for high-speed rail projects as a result, some local people also That the 'will call the children have milk to drink', so the phenomenon of more and more. "National Development and Reform Commission, Institute of Integrated Transport researcher Dong Yan said that because of the local arbitrary" spoiler ", many sites are not set up the final set, Waste of resources. (A pseudonym) to reporters, a high-speed rail lines and along the site of the set, first of all by the railway sector to appoint experts to design the design of the railway project planning and research insiders Wang Lei (a pseudonym) to reporters, And exploration, usually commissioned from the project closer to the railway survey and design institute to complete, such as the southwest of many projects are China Railway Second Hospital (China Railway Second Hospital Engineering Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chengdu) to do a lot of projects in the central region Are iron four homes (China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Wuhan) to complete. Wang Lei said that a high-speed rail set to consider the economy and security, from the economic point of view, as far as possible on the basis of straight line, but also as close as possible to the economic base, close to the resources and population gathering area; , To undergo a rigorous exploration and drilling, to consider the geological conditions, environmental conditions. In the course of the development of the line program, the expert group will also with the iron, along the local government and local railway bureau to carry out repeated consultations, and then form a project feasibility study report reported to the National Development and Reform Commission audit. "Of course, the parties involved in the consultation process, there will certainly be some contradictions, before the railway is funded by the state to build, for their own interests, the original Ministry of Railways or iron may always hope that more sites located in the big city, but the province Level local governments in order to balance and drive the local economy, may hope to be in some three or four lines of cities can also set up the terminal results in the need for mutual coordination and compromise because the local government to rely on iron to strengthen the railway construction, iron also need local government In the demolition of land acquisition and construction to help, both who can not do without who. "Wang Lei said. "The voice of the local government may be relatively weak, but with the railway investment to the local and social capital liberalization, the local government as a 'money' the right to speak more and more heavy, which is the future direction of railway construction But no matter who is the master, the high - speed rail project is not how to build what can be built, we must consider the two major economic and security issues. "Wang Lei said. Wang Mengshu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also said that China's high-speed rail network planning has established the principle that in addition to Urumqi and Lhasa, all the capital to Beijing's running time must be within 8 hours. Under this principle, the line is as straight as possible, but taking into account the social and economic benefits, in the larger cities, can be properly bent. Other cities as much as possible to urban development to move closer to the high-speed rail, rather than high-speed rail closer to the city. National Railway Bureau, said in an interview with reporters, from the legal point of view, the National Railway Administration to develop the "high-speed railway design specifications" on the high-speed rail design and passenger station site selection of the provisions of the principle, such as the requirements of the site selection " Combined with the overall planning and the introduction of the direction of the city, the formation of integrated transport hub ", but the situation is very different, it is difficult to do specific provisions.

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